Our Commitment to You

To grow and bridge two worlds with innovative, accessible communication solutions, creating more opportunities in our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community.

What makes Purple different?

  • Serving the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community since 1982
  • Industry-leading P3 applications for mobile and desktop
  • Deaf-approved American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters
  • Proven and trusted business communication solutions

And why Purple?

We’re often asked how we chose the name “Purple” for our company.

Purple Communications came from a blending of innovative companies to form one new company. Most notable among those merged was HOVRS (Hands-On Video Relay Service), known for its purple color scheme. It was often referred to as “the purple company.”

Today, Purple Communications provides a perfect mix—Video Relay Service (VRS) technology for today’s world combined with skilled and compassionate people, bringing you an experience like no other.